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Posted by Michael Horvath under Technology  Test Automation  .Net Web API  on Aug 21 2022

We have been working on .Net Web APIs that provide functionality that you may incorporate into your own application. As of this posting we have three APIs available: 1) GetFoodsAPI, 2) PasswordGeneratorAPI and 3) PeopleGeneratorAPI.

The get foods API will return records from the USDA Food Database used in our Food Allergy Checker. You may pass your criterion to the API to search the database for foods matching the criterion. We limit the result set to top {Count} parameter setting which allows values from 1 to 20.

The password generator can be used in a number of ways. Some examples are to generate access keys for your applications, to generate passwords to login to your various accounts, and more...

The people generator will generate random fictional people information that is useful for test automation where you need to test an application with fictitious people. This API is configurable to let you select the state you want the people to be located in. The addresses are made up randomly but do use actual city names and zip codes for more realistic data. The phone numbers are appropriate for the area code of the city the people are located in. The API could for example be consumed from a Selenium test automation using your code to call the API. We will work on examples of using this API to aid you in your development of these. Please check back later for future posts on the topic.

We hope you find these to be useful and look for future APIs to appear on the store site. Thanks for reading about our efforts and have a blessed day!

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