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We have much experience in software development with a range of application project experience that can translate into productive freelance development. Early in our experiences we worked on embedded systems development where we programmed in a variety of microprocessor assembly languages, Ada, C, C++. We have experience with avionic software, medical device and manufacturing process controls. Embedded systems work was among some of our favorites; however, we also have worked in IT development where we have experience with relational database management systems such as Ingres, Oracle, RBase, and SQL Server. We have developed solutions for Unix and Windows platforms and have experience in working with Flexera's Install Shield software for creating install packages for Windows Desktop Applications. We have developed a variety of desktop applications including winform and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as well as some hybrids of winform with WPF controls.

Our primary interest now is in helping other small businesses in whatever ways they may need. We are open for any ideas that you may have but don't have the in house skills to develop for your business.

Aside from software development work experience we have worked in retail and food service industries in our younger days. This gave us experience in point of sale as well as inventory control and food preparation. These skills may also aid us in developing a solution that will perfectly address an issue you may have in your day to day business.

Thanks for your time and attention to reading our posts on this blog site and may you be blessed today and always!

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New product idea!   Ever want to listen to your favorite radio broadcast of the big game while watching the game on TV using cable.  Then you have noticed that there is a delay between the TV and radio broadcast.  This new product will make it easy to synchronize the radio broadcast with the TV broadcast. 


The product Audio/Video Synchronizer - AVS will take input from a audio/video source such as a cable box or a streaming device like a Roku or others.  The inputs will be both HDMI and RCA component inputs the user of this can choose either of these options the system will give precedence to HDMI in cases where someone tries both inputs simultaneously.  The system will have a built in stereo radio FM/AM receiver with an antenna input similar to stereo systems on the market today.  The system will have both an HDMI output to be connected to TV and a RCA component output for older TVs or applications where component connection desired.  This system will come with a radio signal remote.


The remote control in initial release will allow the user to input a starting delay offset between the broadcasts.  To start with, the user will then be able to fine tune the buffering delay of the radio broadcast to match within 100 ms of the TV broadcast.  Later versions may use some advanced signal processing to auto synch the two streams with the capability of  synching within 10 ms between the two streams and adaptively handle situations such as buffering on the streaming device for TV which in some cases will change the offset.

The remote will also allow the user to toggle back and forth between the audio for the TV broadcast and radio broadcast with the push of a single button. 


If you like this product idea or have suggestions to improve upon it, please feel free to comment on this post.


Thank you!