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We have much experience in software development with a range of application project experience that can translate into productive freelance development. Early in our experiences we worked on embedded systems development where we programmed in a variety of microprocessor assembly languages, Ada, C, C++. We have experience with avionic software, medical device and manufacturing process controls. Embedded systems work was among some of our favorites; however, we also have worked in IT development where we have experience with relational database management systems such as Ingres, Oracle, RBase, and SQL Server. We have developed solutions for Unix and Windows platforms and have experience in working with Flexera's Install Shield software for creating install packages for Windows Desktop Applications. We have developed a variety of desktop applications including winform and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as well as some hybrids of winform with WPF controls.

Our primary interest now is in helping other small businesses in whatever ways they may need. We are open for any ideas that you may have but don't have the in house skills to develop for your business.

Aside from software development work experience we have worked in retail and food service industries in our younger days. This gave us experience in point of sale as well as inventory control and food preparation. These skills may also aid us in developing a solution that will perfectly address an issue you may have in your day to day business.

Thanks for your time and attention to reading our posts on this blog site and may you be blessed today and always!

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Posted by Michael Horvath under Technology  SQL Server  Test Automation  on Dec 07 2020

Today we added a new link to our Complete Person Records page that will allow you to download the records that are displayed on the page in form of a .csv file that you can use in your tests. This .csv file is updated hourly at 38 minutes after the top of the hour so that any records you add to the table by generating new records will be available shortly after the update (00:38, 01:38, 02:38 ... 23:38).

Thanks for reading this post and for downloading data from our site to use in your tests!

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Posted by Michael Horvath under Technology  SQL Server  on Mar 05 2020

We recently had the need for a string split function on our SQL Server 2014 database server, but found that there is not a built in function for that version of SQL Server.  So we researched it a little and found a function definiton that mostly suited our requirements.  We took the liberty of making changes that meet our requirements.  (We wanted a StringSplit function that works in a similar fashion to the C# string.Split function.  We modified the function downloaded from internet website contained in the comments of our script definition to also return empty strings in the 'array' (really a table, but SQL Server 2014 does not support indexable array as best as we can tell).)

While testing our version of the StringSplit function we found a need for a StringFormat function that makes use of StringSplit.  Anyway long story short, we implemented a StringFormat function.

Use the following links to download the function create scripts and feel free to make any modifications you see fit for your purposes.

Note: the QueryToCreateStringFormat_3Function.sql file is one of ten versions of function wrappers to allow for different numbers of parameters from your calling script.  The pattern is that the underscore number value indicates how many parameters to pass into this function _3 indicates that three parameters other than the FormatSpecifierString are passed into the function.  It is fairly easy to create the other nine versions of the function starting with this function.

Thanks for reading our post and we hope these functions can be of use to you!




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