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Posted by Michael Horvath under Technology  .Net MVC  on Feb 27 2020

We've been working on updates to the sBlog.Net engine.  Changes are being made to the v3.0 git hub version that was downloaded and built/ deployed to our server.  We have added a new setting to the database backend that controls the number of years included in the archives panel of the sidebar.  The archives panel was also updated to display the month/year combinations in three columns instead of one so that this panel takes up less vertical screen space. We also have added a web.config setting to allow for emails to be sent to admin under certain conditions such as exception logging and user requests for login accounts.  The email handler was updated to work with our admin's smtp mail server.  A few changes to the styles to make the Bootswatch Slate theme consistent for authors page and comments.  A few patches to handle paging a little bit better when a user is on a blog page other than page one and they click the link for blog authors and the blog pages paging logic was inverted to make the next page increment to next higher page number and previous page to decrement to the next lower page number.

We also added a site icon which was setup with our logo.  Once our changes that are not specific to Horvath Software Solutions instance of sBlog.Net have been proven to work correctly and are in keeping with the design of orginal developer of sBlog.Net, we may publish our changes to the git hub repository.

Thanks for reading our post!

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Updated SBlog.Net recently to make the recent posts sidebar entries context sensitive based upon whether viewing Devotionals or Technology blog posts. Thanks for reading!

posted by Michael Horvath at 4/30/2021 5:06:13 AM

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