The data for this application is taken from USDA food products database that contains information gathered from food manufacturers who may periodically make changes to their processes or ingredients in their food products. We will make every effort to update the data as often as USDA releases new information, but there is no guarantee that any given food product in this application does not contain a food allergen which you need to avoid. This information is provided to let you know when a food does contain an allergen, but cannot be 100% certain when a food product is not found to have an allergen. Please in cases where a food does not appear to contain the allergen you are looking for, use another source such as contacting the manufacturer for up to date information. You may also help make this application better by adding any allergens for a food product you have found containing the allergens where they are not listed in the ingredients. This is done on the Report tab of our food allergy checker. Thank you!